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Hey Everyone, I am Justin Culmo, you can find me on Facebook.

This report was a false Facebook targeting by an anonymous user whose intention was to prove how people can be misrepresented on ripoff report and similar sites. :(

I am a proud employee of Sigma and I don't think there is any other company like it in the world. I, personally, do very little on-site travel. My job is mostly sitting at my desk designing custom special effecs in AutoCAD and AutoDesk Inventor, any reports of my on-site performance is obviously fraudulant, I am not an on-site representative in any way! ;) :DIt was my original intention to defend ripoff report's integrity, but moreso, the integrity of Google Search on this particular Facebook page. I am a user of Ripoff Report and I have used it plenty of times in the past. I believe that false content on the internet is the responsibility of the original writer and the host provider to make sure all content is truthful. I think Ripoff Report does need to look further into their policy of making sure content on the internet is true, and I hope they further their progress.The internet is a very powerful resource for all. I enjoy the power it brings to the less powerful and less fortunate.This is unfortunate, because instead of being met with an intellectual conversation and debate, I was a target of anonymous trolling by a user with a throw-away Facebook Account and other online accounts created only for this one purpose. His account was created today, this report was written today, and it was brought to my attention today. His intention was to get under my skin by showing how this information is permanent record, but instead, I will use it as my voice.

I welcome anyone to comment or respond, submit a rebuttal and show that truth is more powerful in numbers. I thank Ripoff Report for what they do for consumers. Furthermore, I thank all readers for their kindness and acceptance to this situation. Be sure to drop me an email or visit me on Facebook to express your support or concern. I do ask kindly to save any calls for serious product inquires. You are all my fans!

If GuyFawks2015 (aka anonymous throwaway username) was writing a legitimate claim, he would've known what my actual job entails. ;) (oh, burn!)

This person wrote the review because of good quality of sigma services work experience from Sigma Services and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Sigma Services to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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This guy comes across as straight edge but be carefull. Caveat Emptor.


Yea right! another one who is not guilty....roflmao - keep on smoking that *** and you might just convince yourself, but not the rest of America

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